Develop your students’ math and spelling skills

At Sumdog we’re committed to delivering the most engaging personalized practice tool for math and spelling. We use direct feedback from teachers to drive our product development, and we carry out regular educational research to evidence the difference we’ve helped them make.

We’d love you to join us. By combining an appealing gamified experience for students with a robust set of tools and reports for teachers, we can help you reinforce the teaching you do in class, build pupil confidence, and find and fill gaps in student knowledge.

Students who usually struggle with mathematics become motivated.

I was also able to differentiate through the skills-based challenges and assign different ones to students who struggle with prior skills.

Allison Renner, Canaan Middle School, Ohio, USA

You control the learning

Our intervention tools will help you identify students who might be struggling, then set them tasks and challenges that support them in their learning. And since Sumdog can be played at home or at school, that learning can take place anytime, anywhere. We even provide you with resources to engage parents as part of the Sumdog journey.


Easily evaluate progress against the standards.

Aligned to the Common Core and all key standards.

Targeted intervention

Target focused learning informed by teacher-friendly progress reports.

Set group or individual challenges for targeted intervention at home or at school.

Free login

Login free to Sumdog’s primary math activities.

No cost. No time limit.

Simple subscriptions for enhanced reports and additional game options.

The correlations of questions to our actual standards are excellent.

Yesterday, a student pointed to the screen and said, “Look, Mrs. Stiles, these are the algebraic expressions we did in math this morning!” You can’t do any better than that!

Beth Stiles, Mason-Dixon Elementary, WV, USA

Keeping students interested

We work in close partnership with teachers and students to develop fun and engaging game-based learning that keeps students motivated.

Pets reward progress

Each student gets their own personal pet

Virtual pets reward real progress

Learn a skill? Gain a trick!

Reports show improvement

Demonstrate personal development to students

Track simple improvement charts or detailed reports

Showcase skills mastered, without focus on levels

Coins motivate engagement

Students build their own virtual on-screen house

Trade coins for great Sumdog house upgrades

Coins earned through correct answers, never bought or sold

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