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You can sign up for Sumdog free and receive six of our most popular games.

We also offer subscription packages for Math (grades K-8) and ELA, covering Spelling, Reading and Writing (grades K-6).

With all of our packages, you’ll unlock engaging activities for your students and tools to help you assess and target intervention.

More engagement

Access all our engaging games – designed to motivate every type of learner

Auto assessments

Assess specific skills to check for gaps – while we do the marking for you

More coverage

Add additional skills, aligned to Common Core and key state standards.

Set goals

Create focused activities for individuals or groups: intervention made simple

Skill reports

Check what students have completed – and what’s proving tricky

See growth

See effort, accuracy and progress updated in real time through your dashboard reports


Prices start from…


* K-8 Math (per class, per year)

Grade & school

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These prices are for schools, in USD, based on a 12-month subscription. Prices exclude taxes. Other options are available. Reports and assessments don’t cover writing activities. Please check our Terms of Use. Should you need it, here is our W9 form.

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Management toolbox

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Sumdog’s coverage


Extend Sumdog questions to cover Grades 6-8, and include progress reports, teacher tools and assessments.

Your students will also get access to all of Sumdog’s premium math games.


Use Sumdog’s engaging games to practise spelling, with standards-linked words.

Sumdog adapts to each individual, and progress reports let you check your students’ understanding.


Add 19,000 questions covering grammar and punctuation, and Sumdog’s innovative writing games.

You’ll also get progress reports, assessments and teacher tools.