Practice English grammar the fun way

Engaging students with grammar practice isn’t always easy, so Sumdog has designed grammar games that make learning fun.

Sumdog Grammar provides thousands of questions on grammar, punctuation, and spelling for K-8, offering a fun and engaging way to promote learning while supporting teachers with invaluable insight through powerful progress reports.

Supporting standards

Sumdog Grammar is aligned to the Common Core and key state standards for grammar and vocabulary, engaging students with appropriate questions that fit their own unique needs. These fun and simple activities include questions such as asking students complete sentences, identify synonyms and antonyms, or correctly place capital letters, all linked to the same engaging games that students know and love from the Sumdog Math platform.

Targeted learning

Sumdog Grammar provides in-depth reporting for teachers that helps them identify grammar and vocabulary gaps, and set challenges that support students to address them. You can adapt the order of skills and grammar practice to fit your own lesson plan, setting assessments and challenges that directly target the grammar and vocabulary needs of your students.

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