Effective spelling practice that engages students

Our mission to close the achievement gap is about more than math. Literacy is just as fundamental, and good spelling skills are a key part of this.


We’ve used our experience from years of engaging children in math, and worked closely with teachers, to build a spelling practice tool that is highly engaging, motivating and educationally valuable.

Sumdog Spelling helps struggling learners improve their literacy proficiency by engaging them and inspiring them to practice with online gamified learning and real voices.


Quickly and easily provide personalized practice for each of your students. Let Sumdog choose words, or create your own custom word lists in just a few clicks.

Assign 10 minutes of independent daily practice, as homework or part of your rotations, and we’ll take care of the paperwork and marking, so you can focus on teaching.


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To ensure you are confident using Sumdog for home learning, and navigating all the teacher tools, we are running free 15 minute webinars daily. Let our experts show you around.

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Even in their spare time the students are picking to play Sumdog Spelling rather than play other games.

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Add variety to spelling practice with uniquely engaging games

Our 24 different games are well-loved by students. They add variety to your existing spelling practice and offer something for every type of learner.

Continuous positive reinforcement and a built-in reward system keeps students motivated.


Our read-aloud questions read the word, followed by the word being used in a sentence, read by a real human voice not a robot, so every word is clear and high quality. This method provides context and understanding of how words should be used, and facilitates learning of words and letter patterns.

Look, cover, spell

We also intersperse ‘Look, Cover, Spell’ questions, which replicates the classic ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ method. The word is shown on screen and then disappears as soon as the student begins to enter their answer, tapping into visual memory.


words to practice

Suitable for grades



of Fry and Dolch sight word lists

Custom word list practice

Choose from thousands of words to create your own custom word lists for your class to practice.

Match them to your weekly word lists and set up practice in advance, for classwork or homework.

Search for individual words, or search by phonemes, graphemes and spelling rules.

Personalized practice for every student

We make personalization easy. Our powerful adaptive software automatically personalizes practice for every student, or you can create your own custom lists from 5,500 words.

Every child can work at their own level, while playing along with their peers.

Mark less, teach more

Identify gaps and assess abilities with our online assessments. Like a paper test without the paperwork, and instant real-time marking done for you.

Pre- and post-testing made easy. No paperwork, no marking, just results.

We have seen a great increase in spelling ages, however, we have also seen an increase in the reading ages of the students involved in these programmes.

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What words does Sumdog cover?

Students can practice around 5,500 words. This includes full coverage of the Fry and Dolch sight word lists. Sumdog Spelling is suitable for ages 6-14.

Does every child have to work on the same words?

Not at all! Sumdog makes personalization easy by automatically adapting to each student. Working at the correct level while working alongside their peers boosts their confidence.

Can I choose which words my students practice?

Yes you can! Our easy word search lets you quickly find words from your spelling list for assessments and practice work.

Engage your class in spelling practice

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The Sumdog spelling programme has been excellent for all of our students. It is amazing that students are now excited about undertaking spelling work, something that they used to shy away from.

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