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Using EdTech to Enhance Learning and Reduce Teacher Workload

Posted on 17th January 2020 by Olivia Tanner

How does your school utilize EdTech in the classroom? Is it used to improve students ’ self-esteem and tailor their learning? Or do you steer clear of technology altogether?

Whether you’re worried about trying something new or are doubtful about the effectiveness of EdTech, our recent study into maths fluency puts these concerns to rest.

Join us as we explore how EdTech software, like Sumdog, can make your life easier and help you close the achievement gap.

How EdTech Can Reduce Teacher Workload

Teachers are under ever-increasing pressure; from the tightening of budgets to the increased standards children are expected to meet.

A culture of long hours and low resources has caused many teachers to leave the profession, making it hard for schools to hold on to their most valued teachers. 

With teacher working hours at an all-time high, EdTech could offer a glimmer of hope by reducing teacher workload and freeing-up extra time to focus on students who need additional support and resources.

For example, some EdTech products can automatically mark students’ assignments, monitor performance and move them onto harder tasks when they’re ready.

Incorporating EdTech into the Classroom

Knowing how to use technology in the classroom effectively can be tough.

With thousands of educational tools at your fingertips, finding one that will reduce your workload and promote students’ learning (without draining the budget) is easier said than done.

Sumdog is an easy-to-use free online programme that allows teachers to unlock the power of adaptive learning.

It assesses students’ mathematical fluency to create specific questions that respond to their unique needs. The online platform identifies their strengths and weaknesses to determine the right level of learning for them. 

Students can enjoy a fun approach to learning with interactive games and multiple-choice questions. Once a student reaches a rolling accuracy of 80%, Sumdog advances them to the next level, ensuring they are always progressing.

Control Learning With Targeted Interventions

Cutting-edge EdTech software uses targeted interventions to make sure children only progress to the next level when they’re truly ready. 

If a student’s performance isn’t meeting their age expectations, the technology uses carefully considered interventions to get them up to speed.

After all, there’s no point forcing your students to jump through hoops if they’re not ready to progress. Sumdog treats every child as an individual and tailors their questions accordingly.

Unlock Engaging Activities and Powerful Teacher Tools with a Subscription 

If you’re enjoying using Sumdog Math and would like to unlock its full potential, try out a school subscription and unlock:

  • Auto-marked assessments. Free-up valuable time by letting us take care of the marking.
  • Focused online homework. Assign targeted homework tasks to encourage learning outside the classroom.
  • Advanced reports. Monitor the progress of all your students to boost results across the board.

Discover how a subscription could impact learning in your school 

Whether you’re new to EdTech or an experienced veteran, a Sumdog subscription helps you engage your students and close your school’s achievement gap.